Intelligent Traffic Management System


Our Intelligent Traffic Management Systems (ITMS) reduce peak hour congestion, enhance traffic planning, ensure better safety, enable traffic updates to citizens, reduce carbon emission and facilitate coordinated management.

Adaptive Traffic Control System

ATCS System

It is a traffic management strategy in which traffic signal timing changes, or adapts, based on actual traffic demand by receiving and processing data from strategically placed sensors and detectors.


Efficiency –reduced delays, reduced stops, maximum throughput

  • Betterincident management –save lives, minimise impact
  • Reduced environmental impact

Benefit of System

Conventional signal systems use pre-programmed, daily signal timing schedules.

Adaptive signal control technology adjusts the timing of red, yellow and green lights to accommodate changing traffic patterns and ease traffic congestion and increased lane carrying capacity, travel speeds

  • Reduction delay stops, queue, fuel consumption, emissions and drop in accident rate
  • Green corridor routes for emergency services
  • Prolong the effectiveness of traffic signal timing

The ATCS solution comprises the following activities and system components

To understand the needs of each intersection.

Supply and installation of 32-bit microcontroller-based WiCAN-EN having signal switching and feedback over medium with Manual, Forced Flash, Fixed Time, Semi-actuated, Vehicle Actuated & ATCS modes of Operation, coupled with Hurry Call and GPS interface for time synchronisation etc.

Supply and installation of 24VDC input, compatible with WiCAN-EN controller drive ratings, comprising Hi-Brite LEDs, catering to vehicular red, amber, green and pedestrian stop-walk-man lights.

Installation of 4D RADAR-based vehicle detection sensors for ATCS operation.

Supply and installation of 300mm dia 2 ½ digit Alpha-numeric Vehicle Count Down Timers and Numeric Pedestrian Count Down Timers to display balance time and STOP/GO information to road users during FIXED/other mode of operation

Supply and installation of Pedestrian Pushbuttons at 152 locations

Standard GI Poles & Cantilever GI Poles with 6mtr extension arm

Ducting, trenching, cable laying, cable termination, pole and controller foundation, etc.

O&M of all ATCS field items like Traffic Controllers, Vehicular & Pedestrian Hi-Brite LED Lights, Vehicular & Pedestrian Count-Down Timers and Pedestrian-Push Buttons, for a period of 5 years after Go-Live.

Traffic Enforcement System

ANPR System

Licence plate number detection of the vehicle using OCR
To detect, normalise and enhance the image of the number plate for detection of alpha numerical characters.
Identify stolen/-suspected vehicles by cross checking the numbers with vehicle database.
  • User interface with live view 24x7
  • Speed detection
  • Support customise report generation
  • The database shall have images captured and analysis stored with following:
    • Details of vehicle,
    • Number and time of entries and exits
    • License plate numbers
    • Validation/Analysis results etc

RLVD with E-Challan

Capture details of vehicles that have crossed the stop line at the junction while the traffic light is red.
Automatically detect red light through evidence camera units and other equipment.
Used to issue challans to the violators.
Capture the zoomed-out picture of the entire area when there is a red-light violation.
  • Once the traffic light has turned red, the sensors shall activate the camera to capture images of the vehicles that jumped the traffic light
  • In case of an offence detected, capture details such as site name, location details, lane number, date & time, registration number of vehicle and type of offence on the image itself
  • The system is able to generate number of reports for analysis

Traffic Enforcement & Safety Analytics

Red Light Violation & Stop Line Violation Detection

Speed Violation Detection

No Helmet & Triple Ride Detection

No Seat Belt Detection

Detection of Cellphone Use While Driving

Wrong Way & Illegal Turn Detection

Free Left Lane Blocking

Driver Smoking Inside vehicle Detection

Detection of stopped or broken-down vehicle on road

Hot-listed, stolen Vehicle detection and tracking

Traffic volume estimation

PA System & Emergency Call Box

Fully IP-based system

1:1 and 1:N calling facility from the control room

Messages that are played live, pre-recorded, event-triggered and scheduled

VMS, ICCC, EPABX integrations

Self-diagnostics and fault reporting

Software-based server for running on virtual environment/cloud

Inbuilt ambient noise sensing, noise cancellation & echo cancellation features

Possibility of integration to radio and ‘dial 100’ system

Highly rugged and reliable system

Multiple control stations can manage PA and ECB. Each master control station can manage both PA & ECB GUI for managing and monitoring.

Variable Message Signboard

Variable Message Signage (VMS) is an LED-based display board using hi-bright LEDs with constant current drive, which results in sharp images with daylight visibility. It can be used to display various English/Regional language messages as well as pictogram/images.

Elegant and rugged design, full colour, full matrix for outdoor usage

Hi-Bright LED pixel (RGB) for daylight visibility

Pixel-wise failure detection and health status

Multiple languages and multiple font size options

Multi-stage luminance control and auto dimming with software

Real-time update and communication facility with message storage

User-friendly software for Control Room Operation & Integration